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The Waterfront

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About Us


The Waterfront is Northeastern University London’s student-led newspaper. We publish pieces, articles and reviews written by students. These can be on a range of topics, for example, politics, current events, university life, business, sports, arts and culture, and also creative pieces like poetry and short stories. We are passionate about providing a space for students to have their voices heard and to share work they are proud of. The newspaper is available both online and as a physical paper you can find dotted around campus. We hope you enjoy reading the multitude of brilliant pieces available in the paper and encourage you to share your brilliant work with your fellow students and submit your writings for our next issues.


You can submit your writing by emailing us at



Editor-in-Chief - Frances Klemm

Deputy Editor-in-Chief - Emma Mazintas

Senior Editor - Paolo Gheorghiu

Senior Editor - Fia Mcdonnell

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