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Volunteering Opportunities

Literacy Pirates 

As a Volunteer Crewmate, your role is to join our online sessions and help the children practise their reading and writing, 1:1 and in small groups. 

Sessions are led and managed by our staff team, which means you can dedicate the whole time you’re with us to providing direct support to the children. 

Project Play

We are mobilising for children on the move.

Project Play is a grassroots organisation that works with displaced children in northern France, facilitating facilitate safe spaces for children to play, learn and be themselves.


All children have the right to play.

We are a group of volunteer teachers and play workers who believe in the power of play. We advocate for every child to have access to play and education, and for an end to the policies that deny children on the move access to this right.



The Scene was born from a desire to see a more vibrant independent, local community; be it music, art, food and anything else. We recognise that we have a role to play. Rather than being passive consumers, waiting for a vibrant grassroots community, we could be facilitators of the scene we hope to be part of. We could help build it.

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The Barristers

The Barrister's Gateway aims to improve access  to the Bar, particularly for those from underrepresented and marginalised backgrounds. We are committed to fostering diversity at the Bar by creating an inclusive and accessible platform that offers valuable resources, guidance, and a variety of perspectives. 

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Zero Gravity is an online membership platform that exists to help students smash it at school, stand out at uni and secure success upon graduating. Free for students, forever. Through mentoring, community and opportunity hosting, Zero Gravity is creating the UK’s largest network effect to level the playing field across universities and graduate careers. As a uni student, you will be able to create huge social impact by mentoring low-opportunity students applying to your university, doubling their chances of achieving a place, in addition to connecting with professionals and career opportunities for on-demand community and content. Plus, if you’re eligible for an Access all Areas membership, you’ll get personalised job opportunities and 1:1 career mentoring from a professional who’s killing it in their industry.

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