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The Union strives to be open to suggestions as well as criticism related to the roles and responsibilities of specific Officers. As such, we have implemented a procedure to allow students to voice their concerns and bring forward criticisms in a safe and appropriate manner, and in a way that allows the Union to adequately and transparently address these concerns.

The full policy and procedure is outlined in the Feedback Masterdoc linked below, alongside a compilation of all complaints, responses, and follow-ups.

If you would like to provide feedback of any kind to the Student Union, please fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible, and we will aim to respond to any form response within 5 working days (during term time).


For issues with a Society, be this with their President, Committee, or a member, please follow our Society complaints procedure.

For issues with the university, its policies, procedures, or complaints about staff, please follow the university's complaints procedure. If the university does not adequately deal with your complaint, please contact the Union.

For issues or assistance with Academic Affairs, e.g., to receive the Union's help with Extenuating Circumstances, Academic Appeals, or any other academic-related concern, please approach the SU's Office for Academic Affairs ( ran by the SU Secretary and President, both of whom you can also contact directly.

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