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The New College of the Humanities Philosophy Society is the society dedicated to facilitating philosophical activity and discussion in a relaxed, student-led environment. Both undergraduates and postgraduates are warmly welcomed to join, philosophy majors or otherwise! 



As with previous years, the Philosophy Society will host a Reading Group where students are invited to gather to discuss texts agreed on by the students themselves. Details of this group are flexible and open to change depending on the desires of the Society members - length of texts, frequency of meetings and so on can all be arranged depending on students’ individual circumstances throughout the academic year. 



The society is also committed to organising lectures given by academics, NCH lecturers and students alike. Diverging slightly from previous years, from Michaelmas 2022 onwards the Philosophy Society will be giving students greater encouragement to present original ideas or ideas of interest to a warm and familiar audience. 


And, of course, the Society will be delighted to host various socials to allow for the faculty to get to know each other in a less academic setting - in previous years, a student/staff philosophy quiz has gone down a treat!


For more information, or if you wish to join the NCH Philosophy Society, please email or speak to president Lottie Pike.

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