“When philosophy paints its grey in grey, then has a shape of life grown old. By philosophy's grey in grey it cannot be rejuvenated but only understood. The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk.” – Preface, Elements of the Philosophy of right - G.W.F Hegel

The New College of the Humanities Philosophy Society is the society dedicated to facilitating philosophical activity and discussion in student life at NCH. As a member of the NCHSU, the society’s organisation is student-led and free for all. All Majors, Minors and MA students in Philosophy at NCH are considered members of the Philosophy Society. For more information, or if you wish to join the NCH Philosophy Society, please email co-president Thomas, or co-president Sophia.

Reading Group

The NCH Philosophy Reading Group is the principal organ of philosophical discussion for our Society. We run student-led reading groups throughout the first two terms of the academic year. These groups will focus on either a two-term reading of a foundational philosophical text, or on specific pieces of pieces of philosophy constructed according to topical curricula. Reading Groups play a vital role as the scholarly core of Philosophy Societies and function as excellent means to gain deeper insight into certain texts, give you a platform for your public philosophy skills, as well as help you learn to formulate and defend complex theoretical and conceptual reasoning amongst your peers.

Events and Socials

Throughout the year, NCH Philosophy Society is committed to organising lectures given by academics on a range of topics in accord with the Society’s general mission of the facilitation of philosophical and critical thinking in student life at NCH. In addition, and alongside the Philosophy Faculty, we are committed to hosting social events throughout the year to help you meet and network with your fellow students. If you would like to suggest a speaker for our next organised lecture or have an idea for an event with the Philosophy Society, please get in touch with Thomas or Sophia.

Desert Island Dissertations

Throughout the year the Philosophy Society is committed to the academic satisfaction and success of all its members. In the spirit of collegiate enterprise, members of the Society are urged to commit to academic solidarity and the ideal of the free flow of ideas between peers. To this end, the NCH Philosophy Society is dedicated to providing academic support sessions to its students, where members can support, critique, and discuss with each other their current philosophical projects and ideas. In Trinity term, the Philosophy Society hosts a weekly thesis forum which we call ‘Desert Island Dissertations.’ These sessions are aimed chiefly at final year Undergraduates and full-time postgraduates who are constructing their dissertations. At the culmination of the dissertation writing season, Philosophy Society also hosts ‘mock vivas’, in the hopes that the Society can help prepare its constituents to achieve their best philosophical potential.