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Students’ Union Welcome Week

Thank you to everyone to came along to the Students’ Union Welcome Week events in his year. It has been incredible to meet many new students in London, we hope you had an amazing time.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the Union for their unbelievable work that went into building such an unforgettable week.

Jakub and Zack, your talks and help during events have been perfectly timed and ensured the clear sailing of everything.

Andrea, your work on our media over the last few weeks has been top-notch, creating an environment where we had some of the largest attended events ever.

Lottie, your vision for September and committed to the Union is spectacular. You’ve ensured every member of the Union has had equal access to everything from societies to sports.

Tyler, you have led this Union with me over the last few months and ensured the best Welcome Week students could hope for. Your work is unparalleled. Thank you.

Welcome Week would not have been what it has been without everyone’s incredible work. Thank you all.

See you for the Stand Up to Cancer fundraiser tomorrow!


NUSU London President

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