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In February we supported the Teenage Cancer Trust because it is focused on a prevalent age group of university students, and is “committed to a vision of a world where cancer doesn’t stop young people from living their lives.”


The charity was chosen by SU President Saxony, and here are some words on why she chose that one in particular, “The Teenage Cancer Trust is one which is close to heart. Someone close to me was in need of their support, through which she received care both practically and emotionally. The donations of people like us helped the Teenage Cancer Trust provide this necessary support to her.”


If you want to read more about them or get involved with their charity, read HERE.

Red Cross Ukraine (£388.07)

In February 2022, when the Ukraine crisis struck, the main focus of NCH's fundraising and voluntary work steered towards it. 

From bake sales to raise money for "Red Cross Ukraine" to curating donation boxes for the various charity organisations around London, there was no pause in the endless efforts provided both by students and staff at NCH.

The Red Cross was quick to fuel forces towards the crisis, and in their words "Since the conflict began, our teams have reached more than 2.1 million people with life-saving aid. This includes distributing 2.3 million kilograms of vital aid, including food, blankets, hygiene parcels and warm clothes. First aid training has also been delivered to over 42,000 people so they have the skills to treat their loved ones if needed.


They've also been providing psychosocial support, and helping people regain contact with their loved ones if they've been separated. Red Cross teams in bordering countries are offering medical care and providing food, aid and shelter to people arriving from Ukraine."

If you want to be more informed or get involved, you can read more HERE.

Mind (£271.50)

Inbn October 2022, for World Mental Health Day, we held a bake sale in aid of the charity: Mind.

Mind is a charity that "provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promoting understanding.

If you want to read more about the charity, click HERE.


In March 2022 we supported the charity "Off-The-Grid-Missions" which was chosen by Northeastern student Elisa McCaw, who writes:


"During my time in London with Northeastern’s Global Quest, I had the opportunity to get involved with NCH’s robust fundraising programs. As I fostered relationships within these programs, I had the honor of meeting Inger Hansen, who I’ve found holds a passion in making sure each student, no matter their school affiliation, feels represented at NCH. As I aided her each week in creating a bake sale for the school to raise funds, I saw her tirelessly aim to make sure NCH gave back to each community present within the student population.


Being a child of Deaf adults, my unique perspective in their continued international systematic oppression was allowed to take root in the form of fundraising for the Deaf Community. However, in February, we saw Russia’s horrific and intensified effort to invade Ukraine. While many valiant efforts are taken today to protect and aid Ukrainians who have been devastated by this ruthless attack, it is still prevalent that many minority individuals have been discriminated against in their access to resources and protection. To help combat this, Inger and I had the idea to dedicate a bake sale to Off-The-Grid-Missions to help lessen the disparity gap.


Off-The-Grid-Missions is a group of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals that assist in providing assistance to members of the Deaf Community impacted by Disasters. With the Prevalence of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, this organization has aided in connecting members of the Deaf community in Ukraine with NGO’s who have resources to assist their needs. I am incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to raise money for this organization to aid members of the Deaf community under the direction of Inger Hansen and grateful for her continued mission to give back."

If you want to be more informed about the charity or get involved, read HERE.

Red Nose Day (£157.70)

On the 18th March it was "Red Nose Day", which we supported by creating a bake sale devoted to it.

Red Nose Day is "an annual fundraising campaign to end the cycle of child poverty and ensure a healthy future for all children".

If you want to get involved or find more information about the day, read HERE.



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DECEMBER: Christmas Shoeboxes

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